Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Getting healthy: Up Move

Hooray for working towards my health goals! I got this steps/sleep tracker called UP MOVE and I've been using it the past week and it's such a fun way to challenge myself and keep up with progress. First of all, I thought 10,000 steps a day was the average number people aim for but that is SO MUCH. I kept thinking I run after a 1 year old and walk around our neighborhood everyday thats good enough right? Not even close to 10,000 steps... I think I'm averaging 8,000 right now!
I love challenges and meeting goals so its been fun to see where I'm at in the evening and then I'll suggest we go on a long walk if I'm not close (which I never am) so its working!

You can also wear it to bed every night to track your sleep, which is so fascinating! You can see how many hours you were in deep sleep, or light sleep or even got up and it's SO accurate. You can kind of see it in the photo below... the dark blue lines are the deep sleep and the light blue are the light sleep.
Getting healthy: Up Move

The little device connects via bluetooth to your phone and everything is kept track of in the Up app.
You can also keep track of your food intake and weight through the app too. I haven't used that part yet, but it seems easy to do!

I usually wear the UP MOVE on my hip throughout the day and on the wristband at night. I just need to up my steps everyday, I want to make it to a 10,000 average by the end of the month or something! I'll check back in :)

If you've been looking for a tracker like this, you can get one here! It's really affordable and I'm loving it.
Getting healthy: Up Move
Getting healthy: Up Move

This post was created in partnership with Jawbone. As always, all opinions and words are entirely my own and I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with companies like this. 

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  1. I've heard about these! The way the keep track of your sleep is so neat!

    Renee | Lose The Road


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