Friday, October 21, 2016

Baby Wearing // My three favorite carriers

So baby wearing, it's a big deal these days right? I am a MAJOR fan and not just because it keeps your baby secure and close and all the hippy reasons (haha) but because it is actually just incredibly convenient, especially if its your second (third, fourth, etc) baby. I don't know how I'd go anywhere with a toddler and a little baby without some form of baby wrap/carrier... my back, arms and sanity are very thankful for mine.

 There are not only a ton of carrier types but also many different companies within each type of carrier. I wanted to share my favorite three in this post (since people ask me about mine a ton!). But for more info on each type, check out this baby carrier guide on Babycubby. It's chock full of info with pro's and cons and just all around super helpful.

Here's what I use:

Solly Baby
This wrap style carrier is one of my favorite, especially for those early tiny newborn days. It's lightweight and breathable but keeps baby secure tightly next to your chest. Once you get the hang of it, its really easy to put on and adjust. I adore my solly and highly recommend them over the other wraps like this on the market. They have so many gorgeous colors and prints too, I just want them allllll. I use my solly almost daily (at home, on the go, everywhere) and if anyone asks which baby products I use the most, a Solly is the highest thing on my list.
baby wearing
baby wearing

Linen Ring Sling
I didn't have a ring sling with Beck which I actually regretted later so this time around I did some research and decided on making one myself. It took me awhile to get used to this type and I'd definitely say there is a learning curve with getting baby in there right and feeling comfortable with it. I had to watch a tutorial video for "threading" it like 100 times before I understood it but now its super easy. I like that the slings are quick to put on and take off and feel really secure. I also like that you can use them when baby gets older/bigger (and even with toddlers). It's also nice to sometimes have a wrap that doesn't completely consume your outfit, which may be a vain thing to think about but sometimes the wrap style is too much/not flattering with certain things I have. I based my sling on the dimensions of Wild bird slings (and maybe Sakura too) and followed a tutorial on Pinterest using 100% european linen.
baby wearing
September 1st

Ergo baby
Last but not least, I use an ergo carrier. I like this for when I'll be moving around a ton (like hiking, etc) because its the most supportive, especially for the neck and head. It's also super quick and easy to put on so I keep it in my car for when I'm not carrying my wrap or sling. I also love that there is a head cover which protects from sun/rain/wind. I will say this isn't my favorite carrier for tiny newborn days but it is essential for later down the road and can be worn for years! I use the Adapt one right now but I have also had the original Ergo carrier and its great too. I didn't have a photo of me wearing this yet (oops!) but I'll edit later to include one.

And thats all I have as far as baby carriers! Like I said, I am a BIG fan of all of them and I don't think I can choose a favorite. They are all good in different ways. If you have any questions, leave a comment on my Instagram photo.

Be sure to check out the baby carrier guide on Babycubby that I posted up there. It's an amazing website--not just another baby store but a great resource for parents (they are parents, they get it). They carry some of my all time favorite baby brands and they also price match anywhere (even amazon) so you always get a great deal.