Saturday, August 27, 2011

Now accepting: Sponsors!

Hey friends! I'm super excited to announce that i'll be accepting sponsors starting in September! I've been debating about doing it for awhile and decided now would be a great time to do so. My readership has grown tremendously, i'm super blessed and blown away each and every day i look at my stats. I would love to support small businesses and independent artists and bloggers by sending my readers their way.

I have a blog make-over in the works that will debut with the sponsors. And also a few new nifty features, including I ♥ Portland, where i'll be featuring my favorite places here, some long time favorites, some brand new to me.

This is a great time to be sponsoring as i've had a surge in people visiting due to my dress line debut. Exciting!

I'm offering one size for now and if you'd like more info, please visit the sponsor page here

Thursday, August 25, 2011

juice. juice. juice.

I've been a juicing machine this summer.. atleast 5-6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Throwing anything I can think of in there. These are some of my favorite combos.. (aka ones i make over and over and over). I'm always on the prowl for interesting combos so if you have any, please share! (A friend recommended juicing a sweet potato with fruit and adding cinnamon, apparently its creamy. I'm excited to try that one)

juice. juice. juice
juice. juice. juice
Apple Basil Cucumber
2 apples
half of an english cucumber
handful of basil leaves
1/2 lemon

juice. juice. juice
Kale pineapple
1.5 cups fresh pineapple
lots of kale (by taste)

juice. juice. juice
juice. juice. juice
Spinach apple cucumber
2 apples
1/3 of an english cucumber
large handful of spinach
1 lemon

juice. juice. juice
Carrot apple ginger
2 apples
5-6 carrots
1 inch piece of ginger

juice. juice. juice
This is THE best juice ever. In fact, its one of the best things i've ever tasted.. SO creamy.
Nectarine Raspberry
2 nectarines
1 cup raspberries

(Don't throw the pulp away on this one.. scoop it into a bowl and freeze it. Then thank me later. p.s. i cant take credit for this tip. thank you kim!)

i could drink fresh juice all day long. there will be more!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

weekend links

farmers market
(todays loot from the farmers market)

Some links to keep you busy tonight.

I love these free printables. The flashcards are amazing!

Ruby Ellen always throws the best parties for her girls.

I need to make this woodsy candle holder asap.

loooove this DIY chevron picnic blanket.

this quote is my daily mantra

diy bunting tablecloth.

and last, i'm making this and this to bring to a birthday party tonight.

Friday, August 12, 2011

around the house

(some shots from around the house the past couple weeks)
around the house
around the house
around the house
around the house
around the house
around the house
around the house
around the house
1. raspberry peach crisp 2. kitchen table 3. a sweet letter from our sponsor child 4. inside our disorganized cupboard 5. the top of the dresser 6. cake making 7. grocery list 8. room temp butter

I spent my friday watching my little nephew, putting some finishing touches on a dress order, organizing the kitchen, and catching up on some online work. Tonight i'll be working on sewing a few new dress protypes and packaging up some orders.
and i think i'll celebrate this being the last weekend i'm home alone with an oven s'more or two.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


pretty drive

a little list of what i am incredibly thankful for and happy about.

-my church
-pursuing my dreams AND having them be successful
-game nights with friends
-lots of laughs with family
-discovering tons of new music on spotify
-gorgeous weather

just missing one major thing... and he'll be home in ten days!

what are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

restyled lace top

In the midst of all the sewing thats been going on around here lately, I've been trying to squeeze in at least one project a week that is for me (or the house, a friend, ect). I have a ginormous pile of clothes that i've thrifted that could use some sewing magic, pillows that are in need of new covers.. and the list goes on. Those are the projects where I feel like I can unwind at the machine (it doesn't have to be as perfect as the dress I know someone ELSE will be wearing).

This was just a VERY large and old lace top I found at a thrift store for a $1. I took in the sides, took in the sleeves and also shortened the sleeves. It took less than 10 minutes. And now I love it.
Every time I wear it atleast one stranger has asked where I got it.. Nice!

lace shirt
lace shirt
lace shirt
lace shirt
lace shirt

and my favorite way to wear it is with a pair of high-waisted shorts i have.

Hope this inspires someone to make something awesome out of something that was previously unwearable.

huge sidenote: I am in absolute awe of the response to the dresses. Whether you bought one or told your friends about it or gave me a compliment on them, I appreciate it more than I could ever express on here. I am still up in the clouds!

Monday, August 1, 2011

the dresses

... are up for sale now!

go to if you'd like one!

There is a limited number finished in each size. After those are sold out, they will be made to order as time allows.

Lucy Pevensie - Navy

Float away

(my apologies for the wrinkles, it was quite a hike to this location)