Thursday, November 14, 2013

DIY leather chevron necklace

DIY leather chevron necklace
DIY leather chevron necklace
DIY leather chevron necklace

I'm sharing a tutorial for how to make this DIY leather chevron necklace on babble today! It's super simple to make and costs less than $5 (which is enough supplies for a few!) This would make a perfect christmas gift... by the way.
Check out the post here!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Seattle (pt 2)

We stayed at Hotel Max for the rest of our time in Seattle. It's a super fun place (similar to Ace hotels), and we stayed on the rockstar floor so our room came with a record player and some records which was pretty awesome. We did lots of walking around downtown Seattle so I was extra grateful for the amazing fluffy bed to crash on every afternoon (seriously, how are hotel beds so good?!). We loved Hotel max and would definitely stay there again next time—really affordable and close to everything! (Am I sounding like a walking advertisement yet? haha)

It's a good thing we did so much walking because we also did a lot of eating. Sushi, chinese, molly moons ice cream, cupcake royale, voxx coffee... to name a few :) We also ate dinner at whole foods twice, which might make us the most lame "tourists" ever but who cares, good food is good food!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Seattle (pt 1)

A couple weeks ago we snuck away to Seattle for a little pre-baby get away. I initially wanted to go somewhere grand like NYC but being 8 months pregnant I knew I wouldn't have the energy to do and see everything we wanted there so Seattle it was! We've been there a thousand times so we didn't feel the need to be super touristy, just a relaxing few days walking around, drinking coffee and eating good food.

The Four Seasons in Seattle offered us a room for our first night in town and it was incredible. Right on the bay and walking distance to everything. It was too cold to swim in the infinity pool but the ginormous bathtub in our room did the job (but seriously, the bathtub went to my shoulders and it was the best thing ever). They also gifted me with a 50-minute prenatal massage at their spa which was exactly what I needed and I want another one every day for the rest of my life.
(If you find yourself in Seattle soon look into staying at the Four Seasons, it was SO lovely)

^^TV in the mirror!