Tuesday, May 31, 2011

instagram love

I need to express my instagram love for a second here. I'm totally smitten with it.
(sidenote: I'm rounding up my favorite iphone apps for a different post but i thought instagram deserved its own.)
At first, I just used it to take photos and put fun filters on them but then I realized the whole social networking part of it is the most fun. It's like twitter with photos. An exclusive little iphone community!

Not to mention, the filters are the best of any iphone camera app i've used so far. And the tilt shift feature is really fun to play with.

The best part, its free. Need I say more??

If you don't have instagram, get it! And if you do, come find me and lets be instagram friends. My username is vanillaandlace.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

yesterday was my favorite day in a long time

The sun was shining.
We browsed around powells.
Ate at the foodcarts on 10th and alder.
ate a doughnut.
relaxed at home on the couch.
took a long walk around our neighborhood.
all while having long talks about the past and the future
it was pretty perfect..
bbq sandwich for him
spinach and pesto crepe for me.
oreo doughnut. maybe overkill... or maybe the best doughnut ever.

this is my favorite house in our neighborhood. i want to live in it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

from last week

favorite spot
couch lounging
kale chips in the making
messy eating
love this guy

1. breakfast - greek yogurt with granola
2. his favorite spot in the house
3. afternoon lounging
4. kale chips in the making
5. lunch - quinoa, feta, asparagus, kale chips
6. left-over wings = messy husband
7. sweet baby calvin. (he's growing too fast)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

soda dates

Josh and i discovered a soda place a few blocks down from our house that has become one of our favorite simple date places. (sidenote: we've been going on lots of fun dates lately, making up for lost time!) Now I'm not a soda drinker in terms of regular soda (ie: coke, sprite, ect) but i love me a specialty soda, made with cane sugar and natural flavors like juice (what a concept!). One of my favorites is Dry soda, i LOVE the lavender one. The one below was lemongrass and it was also great.
soda date

We went again yesterday and i got Thomas kemper bumble berry, with hints of honey and vanilla.. SO GOOD!
soda date
soda date
soda date
soda date

josh has been working his way through all the different orange cream sodas. (..boring)

p.s. have i mentioned how awesome it is to have him home.. i'm on cloud 9 all the time.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a few things...





Just dropping in to say hello!

I am proud to say our little house is finally organized and everything is in its place. I wanted to be done by the time josh got here and I really pushed it to the deadline (he'll be here tomorrow!).
I'm still in the process of decorating and making it home (it takes time and i'm okay with that) but what a huge sigh of relief that there's not piles in every corner.

Also, I'm putting together a little couponing post. I'm kind of addicted to it right now and i wanted to share some of the awesome deals i've got and show you its not just getting 500 candy bars and bottles of ketchup for free every month. So that'll be up soon!

Hope all you mothers had a happy mothers day!