Monday, March 28, 2011

daily (and giveaway winner..)

Happy monday! I'm here yet again with another phone photo dump of anything/everything i've been up to. I've been super busy with work and other things, which (as i was telling josh tonight) has made me feel like i'm behind on LIFE. I haven't even been grocery shopping in a few weeks! One thing i have done is found a little house to rent.. i've been apartment/house/anything hunting the past few weeks, and it was pure torture.. (i'd rather do anything else in the world). But I finally found us a cute (tiny) little house in an area i loved and we'll be moving in wednesday (hopefully!). It'll be so nice to have all my stuff in one place and feel somewhat normal again. So if you've stuck around in these past few months of nonsense posting, i appreciate it.. and i'll be back to a regular posting schedule soon with lots of craftiness and food and REAL pictures.

a delicious combo

a new thrifted coat

a kitty yawn

kombucha drinkin'

peach tea drinkin'

i found this anna sui for anthropologie dress at a thrift store last week for $2. i hear it was originally $300-400?? crazy find!


i love technology!

at work..

lunch... my healthy choices amaze me lately.

today I got to "model" vintage clothes for Anja's etsy shop. It was super fun.. she's awesome.

and lastly, tonight i officially started to be a couponer. like those crazy ladies you seen on tv that get $150 worth of groceries for $8.. that's going to be me soon. I'll keep you updated on how thats going.. haha

The winner of the Tea collection giveaway is Sarah and how fitting since she is pregnant with twins!

Sarah, i'll email you with the info to get in touch with Tea to claim your prize!


Hope you all have a great week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey guys,

I'm guest blogging again for the spring fling! Hop on over to sunshine and carousels for a healthy juice recipe to welcome spring. This is my favorite juice recipe so far... (i love juicing!)

While you're there, be sure to check out the rest of the spring fling posts. Thanks again Erin for inviting me to be a part of it!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

4 days with josh (image heavy!)

i had an amazing (but way too short) time with josh when he was in town for 4 days last week. we were so busy.. which probably made it fly by even faster. i haven't touched my real camera in weeks.. but i took about 50 pictures on my phone. here are a few:


i worked for a few hours in the morning, then a few of us went to lunch then headed to portland to get ready for the show that night. we ate loads of gummy bears and tried to toss them up in the air and catch them in our mouths. i laughed harder than i have in a long time.. it was hilarious. and i fell down while trying to catch one. so graceful. (i also couldn't get over the 20+ boxes of debbie cakes in the van...)

saturday: i had to work again in the morning. as soon as i got off, i hopped in the van and we took off for seattle. vanessa and i "head banged" to songs in the van.. (hello sore necks!). and after the show we all danced like crazy to andrew w. k. songs while packing everything up. (video of that to come!)

we went to red robin for patricks birthday, went to a mall to pass time before going to church, afterwards the guys went to a movie while vanessa and i did a rush shop job at trader joes and met with chelsea for frozen yogurt. then we went to voodoo for some birthday doughnuts and hung out until almost 4am, when they had to leave to drive to montana.


i was in heaven the entire time.. which made it a bajillion times harder to say goodbye. yes.. A BAJILLION. man alive.. is it hard!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring fling guest post

Hey guys,

Erin from Sunshine and Carousels invited me awhile back to be a guest blogger for the Spring Fling her and Sherry are doing.. And its finally here! You can check my post about the homemade all-purpose cleaner right here! I have another one going up next week or so (which i'll remind you about). Be sure to go through the rest of the posts.. They are all really fun..

p.s. i'll be announcing the winner for the tea giveaway soon! I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to get on the computer. And being busy is so new to me, i'm having to relearn how to manage my time.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hello march..

Hi friends..

Since its the beginning of a new month i thought i'd do a catch up/fill-you-in post.. i've been a whole lot busier since moving here (like i actually go places now.. and have things to do.. and people to hang out with.. its nice!) but the reason posting has been light around here is because i don't have hardly any of my stuff here. When i moved it was just me, our cat and a couple suitcases. So I have no ingredients to bake with (i guess i could buy some.. but i haven't) and no craft room to DIY in.. ect. so bare with me as i post about non-sense for the next few weeks/months.. until our stuff gets here.

In the mean time, this is whats new with me…

-I haven't seen josh in 6 weeks. but i'll finally get to on march 10 ..for a few days. then he'll be off again for another couple months. is this hard? extremely. but we talk/text/video chat constantly which makes it a little easier.. and also, staying busy and hanging out with friends helps.(so if you live in the area, get a hold of me.. and let hang out!)
(scary eyes)

-i got a job!! i'll be working full-time as a hair stylist starting march 14. i'm VERY excited.. answered prayers!

-we hit a snag or two in the house buying process. wont get into details but it made for a very discouraging and emotional week (last week).. thankfully, my husband stayed positive while i wallowed and it looks like everything will work out just fine again! we're just doing what we can and letting God handle the rest.. and we'll be happy with the outcome either way.

-on a lighter note, i've become obsessed with frozen yogurt with mochi. my favorite flavors are pistachio, coffee and plain tart.
froyo with mochi... all the time

-and last but not least, i should have my etsy shop open later this month. It has definitely taken me longer than expected! I'll be starting out with an apron i designed (7 colors/patterns to choose from) and a few handmade knit things.. and possibly a few vintage items (housewares, dresses) thrown in there.

and some photos from the past couple weeks..
last 2 weeks
last 2 weeks
last 2 weeks
last 2 weeks

Here's to a positive and productive month!