Friday, September 25, 2015

Mama Style 04 : Everyday black skinny jeans

Mama Style: Black Skinnies
It's officially fall! Hopefully the weather is cooling down where you live and everything is starting to get that cozy feel that fall brings. I packed up my spring/summer clothes and got out my fall/winter stuff and I know I shouldn't be shocked but I had to laugh because it is literally all black and grey except 3 things (beige sweater, white sweater and a white t-shirt)... haha! I'm not exactly the adventurous type when it comes to clothing I guess!
Mama Style: Black Skinnies
Mama Style: Black Skinnies

That said, black skinny jeans are my bread and butter. It's what I wear most days of the week so I need them to fit good, be comfortable and be well-made so I'm not buying replacement jeans every 6 months. Levi's just recently relaunched their 700-series jeans for women and I was a little giddy when they reached out to see if I would help them get the word out. I have the 710's (Super skinny) and love them to pieces. They are flattering, durable and all the things I require in jeans (which is super rare!) and since Levi's knows a thing or two about jeans you are guaranteed to find a pair that fit your body type perfectly!

I have always hated jean shopping (can I get an amen?) because I felt like it's impossible to find the perfect fit---too baggy in the knees, too tight in the waist, too long, too low-rise, etc. Levi's has plenty of shapes and fits to choose from and make the whole process easy to understand and find the right fit. If you're a skinny jean only kind of girl, get the 710 skinnies (and they are only $33)! You'll thank me later.

I ordered mine from Zappos and ended up having to exchange for a different size but the whole process was still so much easier than trying on a million pair at the store. Returns/exchanges from zappos are seriously so pleasant and easy, every other company could learn a little something from them. Insider tip: always listen to the joke of the day when you call zappos. :)

From one jean-hating shopper to another, Levi's + zappos = the most painless jean shopping experience ever.
Mama Style: Black Skinnies
Mama Style: Black SkinniesMama Style: Black Skinnies
Mama Style: Black Skinnies
This post was created in partnership with Zappos. As always, all opinions and words are entirely my own and I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to work with a company I love.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Out of the woods

We're coming out of what was one of the longest weeks we've had in a long time, not bad.. just long! Josh was working but also recording a record with his band which meant he was gone 15-16 hours every day last week... phew! We all survived and it actually wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. Beck and I hung out with friends, went to the park a lot and tried to keep busy eating snacks (and maybe there was an episode or two of Yo Gabba Gabba every day).

I watched a few netflix docs in the evenings and finished a book. Not too bad if you ask me! I've actually read a few really really great books in the past month or two, it might be time to do another recommending reading list again soon (if I don't discuss them in detail soon I might explode). 

Also, we're headed to the beach next week for some much needed rest time as a family. Books and playing in sand and sleeping. Cannnnnot wait.

And on a completely different note, I haven't stopped listening to the Ryan Adams cover of 1989 (hence the title of this post) all day. Two of my favorite musicians colliding. If my ears could drool, they would be drooling. Sooooo goooood.

p.s. Amazon Prime Now just started up in Portland and so naturally we had to try it out, just for fun. We got a bunch of really random stuff we needed and in an hour it was in front of our door. We probably won't use it again (or very rarely) since I don't mind walking the 5 blocks to the store ;) but it was a neat to try!

(Most random and cluttered blog post ever. Welcome to my brain)

Friday, September 11, 2015

A post I forgot to post...

I had this quick little blog post ready to go over a week ago and somehow it fell through the cracks and didn't get posted, ha! In the beginning of it I was talking all about how we've been having the dreamiest overcast and rainy weather lately (After a super hot summer) but now we're back in the 90's so blah, so much for all the things I was looking forward to. I have a feeling there will only be a few more hot days before we enter the 8 months of non-stop rain... so I'll try to appreciate the days where the slides aren't drenched at the park while I can. :)

Here's what we were up to the beginning of September:

Lots of zoo visits. We went on a Sunday and it was drizzly which meant no one was there and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Seriously, I think we saw less than 10 people the whole time we were there. Beck is quiiiiite obsessed with animals so the zoo is so much fun these days. He also stomped in lots of puddles as we walked... of course :)
This week // google photosThis week // google photos

Donuts and coffee at Pips on a day off. It's usually insanely busy when we go so we always just stroll the neighborhood while we eat and drink. Beck brought his snake along. I don't know that we can ever leave the house without at least one animal in each hand...
This week // google photos
This week // google photos
This week // google photos
This age is so intensely fun. He's a chatterbox, so friendly to everyone he sees, wants to hug/kiss/snuggle 500x time a day, and sleeps like a pro. Of course some days aren't so fun and I'm counting down the seconds till bedtime but for the most part we're having a blast all day.

Lastly: Ok Portland, can we officially be done with the hot weather now??

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Free tacos and google photo!

Last Saturday Google invited me to be a part of their #paywithaphoto campaign which meant we all got free tacos from the infamous Koi fusion food cart just a few blocks from us! We walked down there, played the game (and both won!) and ate delicious tofu tacos. It was glorious. They are out on tour promoting the new google photo app which I've been using and loooove. If you're an organized freak or just take tons of iphone photos, you'll love it too. There's a search function on the app and it's freaky how well it works. You can type in 'plant' and it'll bring up all the photos of plants in your phone. I typed in 'asphalt' and it brought up any photo on my phone that has the street in it, and when I typed 'baby' every picture of Beck came up...what?? so crazy! This feature kept me entertained for a LONG time.

You can also create Gifs and put together videos and slideshows. I'm a major google fan already—google mail, maps, drive, calendar, docs, and blogger of course—so this app kinda rounds out my obsession.
If you're curious, you can see more about what the app does on the Google Photos website!
koi fusion
This week // google photos
Oh hey cute boys!