Friday, May 31, 2013

there's a baby coming!

So incredibly excited to announce there's a baby growing in there...

there's a baby coming!

there's a baby coming!

A baby was always in our "five year plan" (although it would've been in my 1 year plan had it just been my decision) so as 2013 approached we started to have lots of conversations. Is there anything we want to do first? Do we make enough money? Do we have good health insurance? And more specific things like what kind of schooling our kids will do and how they will be disciplined or will they be vegetarian..... so much to think about! There was also many many talks with a ton of our good friends about what to expect, ect and finally at the beginning of the year we we're like Lets do this!! The first couple months were a tad hard for me, as periods came and went, I did LOTS of praying and even more trusting. Then I realized that maybe the iphone app we were using to know when i ovulate was off, so I got some ovulation tests and went to town. Turns out my body likes to be really different and I ovulated like 10 days before the app predicted... so we had completely missed it! Just a heads up for people who use that app as a means of birth control or conceiving: not a good idea! All that to say, I know a couple months isn't a long time to wait (some people wait years and years) but I was so happy to see those double pink lines... so happy i took 12 pregnancy tests!

The first trimester was a little rough, nauseous 24/7.. no appetite.. and sleeping all day, but it TOTALLY could've been worse so I'm counting my blessings. P.S. why does NO ONE ever talk about first trimester fatigue?? I really could've used some warnings on that one. I've never slept so much and still been so fatigue in my life. Which is why my store was closed for so long, by the way.
Josh came home from work many nights and I was already in bed. Thank goodness he's so gracious and fed himself dinner the past couple months. Luckily I'm slowly getting my appetite back! Woo hoo!

We've seen the little babe on an ultrasound and heard its heart beat... talk about exciting and surreal. There's a human in there! So incredibly thankful and excited for this new journey!

p.s. i did my best to push a little bump out for these photos, but it felt weird because there's really not much to speak of yet... well, depending on what I eat ;)

Friday, May 24, 2013



Loving: This grey and rainy weather we've been having again. I don't mind the sunshine or the warm air but the rain is so familiar and homey. Although I'll be quite ready for some warmer weather come June, where I feel the need to be outdoors all day through the end of September. For now I'm happy with my hot tea and lazier days.

Watching: (i guess this is currently buttttt..) The Great Gatsby! I'm a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann (Moulin rouge is my all time favorite movie) and I thought this movie was absolutely perfect in every way. I'm kind of bummed it's getting bad reviews... but they've got at least one fan in me. Did you see it yet? The whole movie was beautiful and I kind of want to see 10 more times.

Eating: my staple foods are pretty bland and boring these days, which is perfectly fine with me. Toast with avocado is my favorite meal ever. Plus now that Trader joe's sells a variety pack of french macarons i'm set for life. They are unbelievably good!

Thankful for: Lemon in my water. A talented husband who works really hard. My family and friends. And answered prayers.

Thinking about: My 23 goals list and how I need to mark a few off! The year is nearly half way over, I've got some work to do! I'll share the whole list soon and see how far I have to go!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Clutch giveaway! [Closed]

Vanilla & Lace clutch giveaway
Vanilla & Lace clutch giveaway
Vanilla & Lace clutch giveaway
Vanilla & Lace clutch giveaway
^^ok, i know this is a sad attempt at showing the polka dot clutch (i just put the fabric on top of the stripe clutch) but I didn't get one made up in time. This gives you the basic idea. I really want one of these for myself!^^
Vanilla & Lace clutch giveaway


Check out the clutches in my store and leave me a comment here and let me know which is your favorite (leave your email address also!)

The giveaway ends Sunday night and I'll announce the winner Monday. The winner will get the clutch of their choice.

Bonus entry: Share the giveaway via twitter or instagram and leave a comment here for an extra entry.

Edit to announce: chose #15 so Rebecca is the winner (check your email Rebecca!). Thank you all so much for entering!! I'll definitely do this again soon

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

hello hello!

Just a couple random shots from the week:
1. my favorite snack right now. i can't do yogurt in the morning but i've been snacking on one of these every day to squeeze in some extra protein. doctors orders!
2. knick knacks on my dresser. confession: i'm a candle hoarder. i got this candle for my birthday in November and I never wanted to light it because I like it so much but I did for the first time this week. It doesn't make sense but I do this with every candle... apparently i'm really afraid of them running out. (Both candles on my dresser are from anthropologie and both are amazing!)
3. My husband is sometimes too good to be true. He picked up on some hints back when this dear creatures collection first launched and pre-ordered it for me. It took months to come in but its beautiful and I can't wait to wear it all the time.

I just noticed I haven't posted since the end of April. I've been pretty sick for most of May, colds and stomach stuff but all is well! I've missed it and I'm looking forward to catching up. I have another video, a recipe or two, a tutorial and regular life stuff to post before May is over... you've been warned ;)

p.s. I have some new clutches in the shop! Check them out HERE and come back tomorrow because i'm giving one away!