Tuesday, May 31, 2011

instagram love

I need to express my instagram love for a second here. I'm totally smitten with it.
(sidenote: I'm rounding up my favorite iphone apps for a different post but i thought instagram deserved its own.)
At first, I just used it to take photos and put fun filters on them but then I realized the whole social networking part of it is the most fun. It's like twitter with photos. An exclusive little iphone community!

Not to mention, the filters are the best of any iphone camera app i've used so far. And the tilt shift feature is really fun to play with.

The best part, its free. Need I say more??

If you don't have instagram, get it! And if you do, come find me and lets be instagram friends. My username is vanillaandlace.


  1. I just discovered your blog a few days ago! I just downloaded this app and you've given me a lot of food-spiration on great healthy eating options =) favorite blog so far! =) J

  2. Yes, I love Instagram, too. Are we buddies yet? No? I'll go and add you right now :)

  3. Instagram is my favorite. I hardly ever use my regular camera on my phone anymore.

  4. I spy Becky Filip! I wish I could get an iphone, this looks so wonderful! Love your photos. ;)

  5. just got my first iphone as well! and i just did my first "instagram" post last week. haha, love it! also, love the blog. very cute!


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