Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lipstick: My top 5 favorites!

Lipstick: My top 5!
Lipstick: My top 5!

I've developed quite a knack for lipstick these days. I could literally spend an hour of every trip to Target looking up and down the cosmetic aisle for a lipstick that will be my next victim (AKA get worn obsessively). I don't really branch out though, I tend to stick to the coral/orange/red vibe... all in the matte variety and I don't stray from it. Not kidding, I don't have any pinks/nudes/etc or any glossy lipstick. Change is hard.

But since I do only use ones in this color palette I know the shades well and have returned many I didn't like and have thus narrowed down my favorite five! For right now, at least.

Pictured above (from R-L) is
NYX matte in Indie flick - This one is definitely the most orangey but not too much. It wears well, stays on and isn't too drying like mattes can be
Revlon Coralberry - I recently got this to replace the very first lipstick I ever ran out of which was Vegas volt by MAC. I read online that this was an exact dupe and it is! It's corally with gold hints. It was my first true [lipstick] love. It's not a matte lipstick but it definitely isn't glossy either
NYX soft matte lip balm in Antwerp - I love this formula so much! The color doesn't fade, it feels like nothing is on your lips and it smells like cupcakes. I have a few other colors (the orange and red ones) and I love them all.
Revlon color burst in Striking spectaculaire - This was a recent find and I'm totally obsessed with it. It feels AMAZING on your lips (and its minty) and it doesn't get dry or bleed. This is my favorite true red.
Topshop matte in Rio rio - I randomly picked this one up when I was in NY and it instantly shot to the top of my list of favorites. The color is amaaaazing and its buttery but matte. Definitely worth ordering if you're not near Topshop.

There you have it! All of these are drugstore lipsticks with the exception of the topshop one and can be bought for $6-$7... which is right up my alley! And since I'm always looking for new ones, do you have any suggestions for me to try?

And here's a swatch test to get a better idea of the colors
Top to bottom:
Revlon color burst - Striking Spectaculaire
NYX Soft matte lip balm - Antwerp
NYX matte lipstick - Indie Flick
Revlon - Coralberry
Topshop Matte - Rio rio
Lipstick: My top 5!
Lipstick: My top 5!


  1. I have nyx indie flick and I love it! but have not worn it in a while since I only wear it during the summer and stick to reds the rest of the year, will have to dig it out! I will have to try that nyx lip balm though!

  2. im a orangey lipstick girl too. so love these. question - which one are you wearing in the above pic? it looks perfect.

  3. Ohhhh I'm in love with all of these colors, I gotta stray some from my usual red!

    xx Chelsea

  4. Love these colours! :)

  5. Beautiful! I really need to find a more neutral red like this that works with my skin color. I love red, but I always feel like I look too dressy or I overdo it because the colors is too intense. I'll have to look into these! :)

  6. Oh my gosh the two NYX ones!!! Gorgeous colours.

  7. Is antwerp also a dupe for mac vegas volt? 😊


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