Saturday, June 20, 2015

New essential oils goodies!

YL essential oils
So I've probably made it clear by now that purchasing the starter kit from Young Living was one of the best decisions we've made as a family so far. I like them a lot... and I talk about them a lot (If we're friends in real life, you know this x100) and I feel like everyone needs to make the investment (save $ for a couple months!) because it's SO worth it. It's not just for hippies or weirdos, promise. (Though I am that weirdo that made a pretty video about essential oils)

Anyway, you can read more about how I got into them (and my skepticism) and why I chose the brand I did and yada yada by clicking on the essential oils tag where I keep all the posts but I wanted to pop in and talk about the brand new kit they released that replaced the one I first bought and started out with.

The one I got is awesome and thought it couldn't get much better but it did. They replaced 3 oils with Copaiba, Digize, and RC which are literally 3 of my favorites and are SUPER amazing to have on hand for keeping you and your fams healthy. (They were the 3 I always recommended getting after you got the main ones with the kit). So this is an awesome upgrade! They also improved the packaging and branding and added tiny little bottles so you can take them on the go or share with a friend or something.

And I thought this graphic that some friends put together perfectly showed how diverse the oils in the starter kit are. They do this and even more...
What can YL oils do for you?

I wish I could sit down with all of you and tell you face to face how much these dang little oils have done and let you smell them and borrow them. But since I can't you could always email me and pick my brain, I have a ton of experience with them now and will openly share just about anything :) So don't hesitate to do that if you're curious about something! [ ]
 Brand New Premium Starter Kit from YL from Abi Porter on Vimeo.

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