Wednesday, December 29, 2010

baby calvin

first meeting

Yesterday was so bittersweet. My sister hannah called me in the morning to let me know my other sister jasmine was in labor. I was super happy the day was finally here (and about 2 weeks early) but so sad at the same time because i wouldnt be able to be there, since i live thousands of miles away.. 2817 miles to be exact. She brought the laptop so i could skype with them off and on throughout the day.. I got to "be" there through a couple hours of labor, chatting in between the contractions. Although she had gone through about 6 hours of natural labor, her doctor didn't think things were moving along fast enough for baby so he suggested a c-section and the next hour my sister and her husband became parents. She had a few hours of recovery so i skyped with the family out in the waiting room (all 13 of them!). Finally, hannah texted and said they were back in the room and i could see him.. and when they pointed the computer screen at him, with the whole family gathered around the bed and computer, i barely got out an "awww" before i erupted in tears and sobbed for a second with my hands in my face. i finally pulled it together and admired his adorable face and long hands, and how happy my sister looked as a mama. I stayed in the room and visited with them for over 2 hours, and i am so so so thankful for the technology to do so. It was definitely the hardest day in 3 years of living away from family.
I'll get to see him and smother him in kisses in about 3 weeks, which is when we're moving there. Oh! thats other big news.. i'll explain later..
For now, welcome to the world little Calvin Shane Lee

new family


calvin and aunt hannah
with my sister hannah

calvin and grandpa
with my dad

calvin and grandma and grandpa
my mom and dad
(pictures taken from various friends facebooks.. thank you!)


...counting down the days


  1. aww he's so precious! it's so awesome that you got to be there even if it was just on the computer. it is really amazing that we have the technology to do stuff like that. congratulations on becoming an aunt! it's great! :) can't wait to hear more on your move!!

  2. what beautiful baby boy! that's so hard. I had the same thing happen with my sister this summer! So hard

  3. He's beautiful. That is great how you were able to be such a part of his birth.

    Congratulations AuntieAbi

  4. Congratulations! Being an auntie is so special

  5. Wow, it is so nice that you could be there even though you were so far apart. Congratulations to you and your family!
    I'm curious to hear about your move!

  6. Aww...he's a doll! Congratulations! Just found your blog and it's super cute - I'll be back! :)


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