Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 goals..

I'm back this year with a new set of goals and a crazy drive to accomplish them. I am constantly making goals throughout the entire year, even on daily basis, so new years is basically just an excuse to share some. Also, on my birthday this year i wrote down down 21 goals i want to accomplish before my next birthday.. so this is a mix of everything... in no particular order.

1. Stop complaining -
i wouldn't consider myself a big complainer but i've noticed small things i complain about.. like josh is driving 10 miles under the speed limit, or the neighbors music is blasting through the walls, ect. If you make a conscious effort to not complain, even about the tiniest things, chances are you'll forget about it within a few minutes and you'll have a whole lot less negativity in your life. (When you do this you'll start to notice how much people around you complain, but don't be tempted to point it out.. lead by example.)

2.Absolutely, positively no high fructose corn syrup on more advanced sewing projects
4. do the 365 bible reading project
5. study physical fitness and nutrition for fun
6. go to yoga classes weekly again
7. get a new (small) tattoo
8. make money doing something i love - i will be getting a job as a stylist soon, but i'm also opening an etsy shop, and starting to take clients for photography.. all of which i LOVE. hooray for working again!

That's all for now. 2010 was a good year, and i have a feeling 2011 will be even better.


  1. I love this list! I wish you ever so much luck!! :)

  2. Blessings this upcoming year for you!
    You should sell your lovely little aprons in your future ETSY shop! I would surely purchase one!! :)

  3. Oh I adore your goals :) Especially the cutting back on negativity one - it sneaks in so easily sometimes! Good luck with them all x

  4. I want to do the 365 Bible reading plan too! Good luck! We can do it!

  5. You're really cool!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE #2... me too.
    AND I love that you love Jesus, too... because He's the best. :)

  6. yeah
    "make money doing something i love"
    this is a work of dream

  7. i need to work on #1 and i'd like to do #8 too. good luck love! i'm sure you'll reach all of your goals! :)


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