Tuesday, December 28, 2010

our christmas

christmas day

It came and went so fast! But it was such a great day.
Josh and i couldn't fall asleep on christmas eve, not because i was "excited" but because our sleeping pattern has been really messed up so we tossed and turned for a few hours then at 2am we got up and watched a christmas mass on ABC then the blindside. After that i was finally sleepy enough, then got a whole 2 hours of sleep before the alarm went off. We opened our presents from each other and my whole family, then drove to Josh's parents and opened gifts from them and watched our nephew enjoy tons of little toys. Then we napped for a LONG time and ate lunch, played a game and went to see black swan (which was AMAZING)..

Santa brought me:
an ikea giftcard, UO owl catch-all, UO labratory vases, built by wendy dress book, moleskine, an 11X14 print of this amazing painting, the black apple paper dolls book, Seychelles clogs, vintage style oxfords from jshop, an ikea muffin tin, matroyshka doll measuring cups, this paper trimmer, and more super sweet and thoughtful gifts.

The day after christmas I got up pretty early and went to target to pick up some christmas clearance.. its the best way to build your christmas decor collection! And when i came home it was snowing.. it didn't stick for long but it was still fun.
day after christmas
day after christmas
day after christmas

How was your christmas?? And what was your favorite gift?


  1. aw, your gifts sound so fun!

    my gifts were all craft supplies- sketchbook, yarn, etc.- and that was PERFECT. I can't wait to use it all!

  2. I got a new camera. I couldn't be more happy!

  3. I just discovered your blog and am glad I did. Love your photography.

    My fave gift was a White Christmas our first since I was a teen. Well and Stephen King's newest book and some scrapbooking supplies and everything.

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