Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day: Eco Friendly Toy Round-up

Eco and Ethical Toys
Eco and Ethical Toys

Hello and happy Earth Day (and month)! We just got this Sleepy Wakey Bambi from Rose & Rex and as you can see, Beck is obsessed. He's been carrying it with him everywhere (even though I originally got it for baby sis!) and sleeping with it. Rose & Rex have an amazing selection of eco-friendly and ethically made toys for babies and kiddos so I thought I'd do a round-up of my favorites for Earth Day.

I'm a firm believer in buying less but better, even for kids stuff. I'll be sharing more of our journey of that philosophy soon but for now, here's some amazing toys that will be special and even passed down for years. I love the simplicity of them all and all of them would be perfect for both little guys or gals.

Eco Toy Round-up

1. Recycling Truck // 2. Origami Bath Boat // 3. Wooden Cab Car // 4. Sleepy Wakey Bambi // 5. Baby Mouse In Matchbox

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  1. These toys are so cute. Love them all! I want them for my babies too.

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