Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi.. Hello.


I posted the above photo on Instagram yesterday but thought I'd give an update here as well. I will be doing a flash sale with some cotton + flannel baby blankets in the next week or two. I've had a bunch of this just stashed away but the prints are just too good to keep in my closet and not share. Plus I'm working on a little spring collection with some new things for my shop, so I needed to clear out some space! I'm really excited about this new stuff, I've got some custom printed fabric headed my way and I'm keeping the collection pretty small (but it includes baby stuff, my faaaavorite) so its only the best of the best (at least I think so!). As soon as I have more info, I'll post another update!

In other news, we're also in the beginning process of buying a house and house hunting. This year is going to be a crazy huge transition for us, one of the biggest is moving to a new city (even though its only 10 minutes north). I'm excited and nervous.. and nervous.. but mostly excited! Especially at the thought of finally having a house (and a back yard!) and not having gross apartment carpet. It's the important things.. you know? I'm hoping the search and entire process is more fun than it is awful, but we'll see! Wish us luck.

And heere's a fun mirror selfie (the worst kind-ha!) because I wanted a more personal photo for this post and I have nothing else. Yes, that's a sports bra hanging up in the background... I was taking photos for another insta closet sale. As for the blank stare, I don't know... I was sending this photo to a friend to show her my new bangs and my new foundation I fell in love with. Lots of exciting things here. Don't you want to be my friend now? (Where's the rolls eye emoji when you need it)
Hi.. Hello.


  1. You're seriously the cutest! That's super exciting that you are buying a house!!! I hope you find a place that feels like home :)

  2. That's so exciting you're buying a house! I'm actually in the process of house hunting too. I get the whole exciting and nervous thing. Good luck!


  3. Ah! House hunting! How exciting! I'm sure any awful parts will be well worth it once you find your new home.

  4. Congratulations on the new baby and house hunting. I love to read your blog. Good luck.


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