Friday, July 31, 2015

More sprout fun + custom chocolate bar wrappers

Custom Chocolate Bar Wraps
It was really hard to choose just two projects to share that I made with my Sprout since I had about a dozen I was working on and equally excited about (I can always share those later right?) but custom chocolate bar wrappers won out! It's not that I think straight from the store chocolate bars are awful (though some are) but I have a love affair with custom designing things like this for special occasions.

This time I stuck with very minimalistic designs and it only took like 10 minutes to draw all three on the sprout mat and print them off. I've been in love with the simple tree illustration from Fine little day so I free handed one, filled it in with black and copy+pasted it to fill the page up. So easy!

Here's the link to each print if you'd like to use them for anything: Mountains, Trees, Lines
Custom Chocolate Bar Wraps

Another fun way I used it last week was to create a page of everything that Beck loves at 20 months.
I used the 3D scanning projector to scan in his favorite toys (dinosaurs), his swim shorts, his favorite book and his blanket to create a little memory collage. I didn't take any video of the scanning action but it's super fascinating to watch and they have some videos online if you want to see!
DIY deodorant (that actually works!)
And last but not least, I took a short time lapse of me going through photos and writing on them with the mat. It is really easy to use (unlike other writing tablets I've tried)!
Sprout time lapse

Thanks HP for letting me try out the Sprout. I'm kind of in love with and learning more and more things I want to use it for everyday!

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