Monday, May 5, 2014


Beck's Nursery

(And a photo of chubby baby legs and diaper butt. Because is there anything cuter in the whole world??)

Reading: Hands Free Mama. It has been a good/hard read. After a few more chapters I'll have a more in depth post about how I've reworked some things in my life because of the book but all you need to know for now is you should probably get it and start reading it asap. You'll love and hate me for it.

Listening: I'm a total sap and made an entire playlist of songs that remind me of Beck. Do you have any favorite songs about baby boys (or babies/kids in general)? I could listen to them all day, even the cheesy country songs. Also, the new Foster the people record has also been on repeat since it came out.

Trying: To not be controlled by a to-do list this week (See what I'm reading^). I thrive off of productivity and checking things off to-do lists so this is stretching me big time. Hoping I can just accomplish things as they need to be done instead of having the feeling of something hovering over me 24.7

Loving: watching Beck learn new things everyday. He's rolling and scooting. Nearly sitting up and wants to jump up and down on your legs all day. Its fun but also alarming how quick they catch on...

Eating: I got a salad spinner for Christmas and have seriously been eating salad almost every day since. Seriously the best invention ever. But before you think I'm so healthy I've also been eating ice cream like its going out of style and maybe I ate an entire box of fruit snacks the other day. It all equals out right? ;)

Wishing: My baby would take long naps. Or anything longer than 15 minutes. He sleeps great at night so I can't complain too much but for real, how do I get him to stay asleep longer during the day?


  1. While I am not a mother (yet) I think I may need to still pick up that book and give it a thorough read. I have struggled with 'perfectionism' since the 2nd grade. Things have gotten better since meeting my husband, but I still get wrapped up in things I know I need to let go of. I need to add a salad spinner to my life! Ice cream is definitely one of my weaknesses...

  2. I sing Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill to my son every night, so sweet!

    Precious picture!

  3. Fruit snacks are basically fruit.

  4. my boy is turning two in two months, would this still be a good read for me?

    also you are lucky Beck is sleeping through the night, Maxi will still wake up throughout the night any advice on that?

  5. sometimes I'm naughty and use the salad spinner to evenly distribute the dressing too. mmm i love salad.

    Will check out that book x



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