Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY geometric pillow

DIY geometric pillow

I've been obsessed with geometric prints for awhile now and finally decided to try my hand at DIYing a pillow like this that i've had my eye on. It was really easy and took me less than an hour. AND.. i happened to have everything i needed on hand so essentially it was free! Although it would still be SO cheap to buy all the items you need.

Note: This isn't a super in depth tutorial. I didn't take step by step pictures of how to sew the pillow or how to insert a zipper. I didn't think it was necessary since there are quite a few other tutorials for those parts of it (hint: look on pinterest!).

You'll need:
White canvas fabric (like this)
3 squares of black felt
20in black zipper
fabric glue
Polyfill or pillow form

*I attached the triangle i used as my pattern at the bottom of the page. Save the picture and scale it to the size you want.

DIY geometric pillow
1. Trace your triangle to make your pattern triangle piece
2. Figure out what size you want your pillow to be and cut the canvas accordingly, i wanted mine to be a 17" square so I  added 1/2" to all sides for seam allowance and cut 2 pieces that were 17.5" on all sides
3. Cut all the felt triangles. I needed about 43, plus some halves for each side. (see above photo)
4. Position all the felt onto the canvas to make sure your design is good, then start glueing away.
5. Once the glue is dry, grab the other half of the pillow and sew the zipper on and sew all the sides together. (This is a great tutorial if you've never sewn a pillow before)
6. Stuff your pillow with the poly fill or a pillow form, making sure it gets into all the corners.
7. Once the pillow is stuffed, it'll be easy to spot any triangle points that may have been missed (see where arrow is pointing in photo below)

And you're done!

DIY geometric pillow
DIY geometric pillow

I'm really happy with how it turned out! And I hope you'll be inspired to make one too!

DIY geometric pillow


  1. That's so much fun. I adore geometric shapes but I'm not sure they're right for my house style. I may have to give it a try and find a place for it though...


  2. Absolutely love your blog! I have also been following you on Instagram...will you be doing anything with the Russian Dolls fabrics?

  3. ooh! I have a sewing machine I got over a year ago as a graduation gift and the poor thing hasn't been touched! This seems like a project I can handle :)

  4. looks so cool this pillow (just as your whole house)
    i found your blog via ABM, and now i'm totally in love with it!

  5. I love your DIY series, well your whole blog is just the cutest!

    Found you through Skunkboy Blog!


    feel free to peruse my little corner!


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