Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello! The last seven days have been a whirl wind.

Last wednesday Vanessa and i made a mini road trip to Atlanta to do some (window) shopping and we met up with some super sweet blogger friends, Lauren and Rhiannon, for more shopping and coffee. It was perfect! (I didn't take any photos of my own, but you can see more on lauren's and rhiannon's blog)

rhiannon, myself, lauren, vanessa
(taken by drew, rhiannon's boyfriend, who is an amazing photographer)

When we got back, I had one day to pack for a month in washington. And on Saturday evening we started what ending up being a 56 hour (!!!!!) trip from georgia to northern california... with our cat. My sister met us there and we continued the trip through the night to washington.
So I was in a vehicle from saturday evening to tuesday morning, it was crazy. But our kitty was extremely well behaved about being cooped up for so long. He just sat in our laps or under a seat and was calm the entire time. I was very proud!

I'll be staying here in the NW at my sister and her husbands place for a month while Josh and the band record their album in California.

Happy first day of fall!


  1. i love autumn (: and only one day to pack?! it takes me forever

  2. i love fall! and what a good kitty you have. :) my kitty would not like a trip like that. i hope we never move cross-country. :)

  3. i love your blog!! i think your pictures are sooo pretty, and the crafty things are neat too, i love to sew!! i was randomly searching ''pumpkin'' and saw your recipe for the latte..i'm so going to try that trmo!!!!


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