Monday, June 14, 2010


This is me working on a new dress pattern. I'm drafting it from one on burdastyle.. And I hope I don't run into any snags.. Easier said than done I suppose. (I also successfully made my own romper pattern, Now i just have to take it apart and trace the pattern onto paper. Then show you. Yay!)


I've also been working my way through season 2 of Mad men. I'm obsessed. The clothes! The hair! And of course, the drama. It is definitely the best looking show on TV. I wish i was a 20-something in the 60's.

I'll be back soon with a delicious giveaway.


  1. that's what i'm doing right this very second! we have no printer ink right now and then I remembered the built by wendy book with patterns to draft already in it, duh!

  2. We're obsessed with Mad Men too! To be such a depressing show, it certainly does make me happy. I also love the unbelievable amount of things tagged with "Betty Draper" on Etsy.

  3. I feel like I am the only person that has yet to see that show, everyone talks about it! I need to see it, if not for the story but definitely for the fashion. Take care!

  4. Everyday I wish I was my age in the 50's it would be so great to be able to wear beautiful dresses and skirts and wear peep toe pumps almost everyday except when you're riding horses of course (in reference to Betty draper)

  5. so happy i ran into your BLOG :))

  6. I really have to watch Mad Men, I have heard so many people raving about it..
    I am really curious to see the pattern for the romper, I have just been dying to sew one..

  7. I love the fabric you chose for the romper! Did you finish it yet? Also I just found you're blog this morning and I love it! I made your blueberry muffins for my family and seriously they are the best thing EVER! Thanks!


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