Wednesday, June 30, 2010

boredom = productivity

We're having a slow week here at the Porter household. But I'm trying to make the best of it by being extra productive.

I finished sewing up the new large dress/nightgown/shirt thing, started and (almost) finished another dress that just might be my new favorite dress, and finished sewing up a romper that I successfully knocked off from one I saw at target. All of which I'll be showing here soon, no doubt.

I've made two loaves of the master recipe in Healthy bread in five minutes a day. Those books are amazing.

Then I was craving something sweet, and since i'm still avoiding sugar I came up with this sugar free chocolate chip cookie dough (surprise surprise) . I took an eggless cookie dough, added agave in place of sugar and lowered the fat a bit. These little frozen dough balls are now my favorite sugar-free dessert. I don't remember the measurements I used but I'll be making them again very soon and I'll post the recipe as soon as I do so you may enjoy them too. (It looks like there is dirt on them, but really I was just out of vanilla extract so I scraped a teeny tiny bit of vanilla bean in there.)

Another breakfast smoothie.. This time with frozen bananas and strawberries, chunks of mango, blueberries and yogurt. Mango = such a good smoothie.

Other than that we've been relaxing like this. Watching the world cup, of all things. Just a few weeks ago I had never seen a soccer game. Now i'm sort of hooked, they are so intense!


  1. those cookie dough balls look yummy. i was actually thinking about making some of your cookie dough truffles tomorrow. ha! i usually replace the chocolate chips with toffee, it is yummy. :)

  2. yum! cookie dough, yes please! We need good things to eat so I quit eating so many famers market treats. and also, my yeast must have gone bad, my bread from the same recipe didn't rise at all. Well, you saw it, it looked like biscotti once it was sliced up.

    I can has dress?

  3. that cat!! haha! looks like mine.
    lazy son of a gun ;))

  4. your blog is gorgeous! I look forward to many more visits! ;)

    p.s. I am curious what type/breed of cat you have? maybe you can answer the mystery for me I wondered about this for the last few months. Something tells me calico but not sure where that came from.

  5. yum! love cookie dough balls...and the bread looks perfectly rustic! can't wait to see your sewing projects.

  6. Jenn,
    I'm not sure what breed he is! We adopted him from the animal shelter. I'm guessing he's a tabby with some maine coon (His tail is gigantically fluffy)

  7. Your photographs are beautiful and that low-fat, low-sugar dessert looks delicious, I'd love to see the recipe. Your cat - adorable! xxx

  8. Hey! Robin and Taryn were telling me about your blog and i checked it out and this is awesome! I love how you incorporate food and crafts. Keep up the good work! Plus I love the style of your photography.

  9. those cookie dough ball sound like possibly the best idea ever...

    I just cant get over how much I adore your photography


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