Friday, September 2, 2016

It's almost fall (...kind of)

September 1stSeptember 1st
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Oh hey, long time no see! I took a few months away from blogging to, you know... have a baby and adjust to life at home with two littles. I'm looking forward to coming back to this space and picking up where I left off. 

Funny story: Apparently when you're pregnant your feet can grow (among everything else that is growing!) but it didn't happen to me with Beck so I figured I was in the clear with Isla. Not so much! After I had her I went to put on my favorite pair of booties and it was like that scene in Cinderella where the sisters are trying to smash their feet into the glass slipper, my feet were absolutely not fitting into my booties any more. I was in a little bit of denial so I measured my feet and compared it to sizing online and discovered my feet grew an entire shoe size while pregnant. Kinda devastating!

Well, literally the next day Zappos reached out and asked if I wanted to work with them and Lucky Brand shoes for their fall collection. I laughed at how perfect the timing was, it was meant to be! I needed some flats and some boots to replace the ones I could no longer wear. I picked these strappy flats shown in the photos (I got them in tan too) and also a pair of these booties since fall is quickly approaching and it'll be rainy every day.

Lucky Brand has an amazing selection of shoes that are versatile and extremely well-made, and even more importantly, they have a high standard for being ethical in their factories (some are even made in the US). And because Zappos is the best, they were shipped overnight so I didn't have to wait long for shoes that finally fit!

Fall, I'm ready for you now!

p.s. Babies: the best accessory right?! :)

September 1st
September 1st


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  2. Glad to hear you are back to blogging.

    So excited for the newest addition to your family as well!

  3. Hey, did we miss a blog post about the birth of baby two? That's way more exciting and interesting than shoes. ;) Congratulations!


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