Monday, March 14, 2016

A little overwhelmed but a lot thankful.

The last couple weeks of February and into the first few days of March we're absolutely insane... x 1000. I feel like I'm just now coming up for air and able to breathe on my own... you know those kinds of weeks? Lord jesus, never again please...

Josh left on a trip to Israel for 10 days and I was already a little overwhelmed at the thought of being pregnant and tired and keeping up with a 2 year old with no breaks for 10 days, plus a little stressed out that Josh was hello... in the middle east. Shouldn't I be nervous about that? Then the first day he was gone Beck and I both got colds, not too bad except they were what I affectionately called The Cold From Hell and Beck got so sick and tired that he wouldn't eat or drink and the pediatrician told me that it had been too long since he drank and if I couldn't get him to drink something within the hour I needed to go to the ER. So. stressful. But Josh happened to get wifi and call us on facetime during that hour and talked Beck into drinking juice and water... seriously a miracle.
It was a week of exhaustion, mentally and physically. Then after a week I think my body was just so tired and depleted, my immune system tanked and my cold turned into a sinus infection. I'm not even joking when I say that the pain was leaps and bounds worse than any pain I had in labor. Sinus infections are no joke when you can't take pain killers or anything for sinus relief. But after 4 days of trying every natural remedy in the book (and mostly crying my way through the day) I got an antibiotic prescription on the way to get Josh from the airport... and thus concluded the most overwhelming and crazy difficult 10 days. We survived. And as hard as it was to take care of a lifeless 2 year old that wouldn't eat for 4 days (like actually literally nothing...) and then to be in severe pain myself and still keep up with him once he was well, I couldn't help but think how good we have it. We don't have chronic illnesses, my husband came home from his trip safe and healthy and it was really so miniscule compared to the battles that a lot of people face every day... I was not only thankful that those 10 days were over but thankful that isn't at all what our normal every day is like. We have it so good, even if life roughs us up a little from time to time.

Life lately...

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