Sunday, April 26, 2015

Allergies and spider repellent, oh my!

Just popping in to share a couple essential oil stories! I started an account for all of my essential oil talk and other health things awhile back that you can follow if thats your thing or you're wanting to just learn more about them. Its :)

Peppermint essential oil spider spray

Anyway: Here's an all-natural Spider repellent that has worked amazing for us! 

I've been meaning to share this tip... Because it's crazy. I have a very very large fear of spiders...any size, anywhere. And lately we were seeing/killing 1-2 A DAY (!!) in our house, little nasty white sac spiders. Then I read spiders hate peppermint and won't go anywhere near it. Neat! So I made a spray bottle with 5 drops of peppermint and 8oz water and sprayed it in every room around the windows and where the walls meet the ceiling. I do this once a week now. And lo and behold: over a month later and we haven't seen a single spider. So when I say buying this oil kit was worth every cent... I mean it! And more! And since what you're spraying you could also be inhaling, I would suggest using super high quality essential oil, not the health food store kind. I use Young living exclusively and they are the bomb.

Essential oils for allergies

Also, allergy season is hitting hard this year! And these three little beauties work WONDERS for allergy symptoms. I have a little roller bottle made up for easy application (10 drops of each plus 30 drops of almond oil), apply to temples, wrists and back of neck. Or for more severe allergies, you can put a drop of each on a teaspoon of honey and take it internally (or put in a capsule). Josh's allergies have been out of control this year and a drop of each of these in a capsule knocked them out quick. Peace out Claritin.

You can read more of posts about essentials here and here! Or if you're wanting more info on what you can use them for, how we use them, how much they costs, ect... you can leave your email and I'll shoot you a lengthy email including all that jazz.


  1. We've been having some crazy spider issues at work! I knew there had to be a natural/oil remedy for them. Thank you SO much for sharing!

  2. Ugh I hate hate hate spiders!!! I am so getting peppermint! Thanks for the tip!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. I would love to hear/learn more about how to use essential oils so my email is

  4. I would love to hear/learn more about how to use essential oils so my email is

  5. I'd love to hear more info! I have thieves and peppermint :)


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