Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Few Of My Favorite Things: The Honest Company

A few of my favorite things: Honest Company
A few of my favorite things: Honest Company
A few of my favorite things: Honest Company

A couple months after Beck was born I ordered the free trial of a couple bundles from the honest company (they still have the offer available on their website, you just pay for shipping!) and I fell in love with the stuff. I was already pretty strict about what products we used in our home before we had Beck and after I was even more crazy about it. Chemicals freak me out... why are so many baby products loaded with them?? It's insane. So we ordered the diaper/wipe bundle and cleaning bundle. All that to say, I've loved every single honest product I've tried so when they asked to be a sponsor this month I couldn't reply soon enough with a big fat YES.

I've used tooons of their product—I love that you can get everything for baby and your house and your self and more. One stop shop = amazing.

If I had to pick favorites, these four would the top the list:

Multi-surface cleaner - I use this for everything—kitchen counters, high chair, bathroom surfaces, coffee table, everywhere. No need to have 10 different cleaning bottles. Also, babies touch everything and then of course hands go straight to the mouth, I love knowing he's not getting chemical residue in his mouth every other minute.

Wipes - These are thick, absorbent, smell good but my favorite thing about them: you can use them on faces too! Did you know most baby wipes say specifically Do not use on face?? Not so here, I wipe away his messy face on the daily with these. I've also been known to use them to remove my make-up from time to time ;)

Face+Body Lotion - This stuff is SO GOOD. It's what I use on him, it's what I use on me! It's super gentle but actually moisturizing (novel idea right?) and it smells so. dang. good.

Healing Balm - And last but definitely not least, the healing balm is one of my most recommended products for babies. We used it on scratches and the weird rashes babies get as newborns. We also use it on diaper rash, chapped lips or skin, cuts/scrapes/bites, and I've heard it can really help out with baby eczema. A little goes a looong way and the tube will last forever (not really but a very long time!). And randomly, the tube is Beck's favorite thing to hold and chew on during a diaper change. Win, win.

We  you Honest Co!

A few of my favorite things: Honest Company
A few of my favorite things: Honest Company

As stated above, this post is sponsored by The Honest Company. All opinions and words are my own and I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to work with a company I truly believe in. 


  1. My husband and I don't have children yet, but I swear I bookmark every post you make in regards to baby products because I love so many of the things in each post and I don't want to forget about them all when we do start a family! :)

    1. I'm not even married yet and I do this too! I mean there's no way I'd remember all this stuff in a couple years. :)

  2. we LOVE honest! i'm obsessed with the diapers (so cute) and just got the laundry detergent too. smells so good!


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