Monday, August 18, 2014

8 Months Old

(Well, actually, he's almost 9 months old now...)

8 months old
This has been such a fun age (I feel like I'm probably going to say that at every age). He's less fussy now that he's mobile and can get around on his own. He's a maniac crawler, pulling himself up on everything, and walking along all the furniture. All this mobility has come with a whole slew of bumps and falls and even a bloody lip (he was fine, I was not).

He's got sixth teeth now! His head is getting fuzzier (and blonder) every day. He loves strawberries and taking baths. "Helping" unload the dish washer. Watching me put on make-up, but only if you let him hold the mascara. He also thinks its hilarious to fake laugh, fake cough or cluck your tongue :)
And he hates being on his back if he is awake... which makes diaper changes a workout.

But look at that smile... We love you mr. beck.
8 months old
8 months old


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