Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bump Nest: The best sleep I ever got

Bumpnest forever
Bumpnest forever
(Totally convincing you that I'm actually asleep huh...What? You don't sleep in jeans and make-up?) 

I'm a 100% stomach sleeper so it was torture when I got to that point in pregnancy where you had to make the switch to sleep on your side. My hips were achey and I seriously woke up every hour trying to get comfortable. By the time I was 6 months pregnant I was sleeping with 4 pillows—one between my knees, one to hug/support my growing stomach, and two positioned around my head and I was still so uncomfortable all night.

Then I got a Bump Nest and it changed my life. That sounds so dramatic and infomercial-ish but I'm dead serious! It's a full body pillow that engulfs you in a comfy cloud. It is perfectly fluffy yet firm enough to support well. I loved that it went around my back and growing bump, especially towards the end of pregnancy when no matter how you lay you feel heavy and awkwardly huge.

I would like to say that I have since stopped using it because it is, after all, a pregnancy pillow but it's so comfortable I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to give it up. No joke, Josh and I now trade off every other night because he's also become obsessed with it. (He lovingly calls it the "bump nest hot tub" because the comfort level is hot tub status I guess?)

Basically it is the most comfortable pillow I've ever used, it made sleeping possible while hugely pregnant, the cover comes off easily to wash and it folds up neatly so you store it in the closet during the day.

One question I've been asked over and over: Is it worth the price? Yes. I'm notoriously cheap and I would've easily paid twice the price just for the comfort during pregnancy. The fact that I still love it is an added bonus!

Check out the Bump Nest website (they have tons of cute patterns) and if you're looking to buy one you can use the code VANILLATEN to get $10 off your order.

P.S. Told you it was husband approved.

Bumpnest forever

Full disclosure: I didn't get paid for this review. However, the kind people at Bump Nest sent me a pillow to save my sleepless nights. All opinions are totally my own! 

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  1. Oh man.. I tried so hard to find something like this when I was pregnant.. Would have never left it for a minute :P


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