Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i spy...

The lucy P dress on Stacie.. the talented gal behind Gingiber.. one of my favorite etsy shops! (I'm in love with all of her pillows and prints)

The lydia dress on miss amanda, photographer extraordinaire!

the rosemary blouse on chelsea from tea talk! Feel free to gush over her hair, i know i do.

the lucy p dress on miss rachel from smile and wave! she's a pretty big inspiration to me and it's an honor to see this on her. AND she told me she wore this dress to the shoot for Red velvet in southern living magazine that will be out in march... so that's pretty cool!

the lucy p dress on sarah from zephyr style. i know you can't see the top of it, but i adore her and her kitchen is pretty amazing right? (p.s. please blog more!)

the float away dress on julie from Jooleedoh.

the float away dress on katie from Skunkboy creatures! I admire so much about Katie, so it's also a huge honor to have her support and see her in this!

and last but not least, the lydia dress on Alexis. She emailed this picture to me and said she loved it so much she wore it in her engagement awesome! Thanks, Alexis!

it's pretty surreal for me to scroll through this and see the things that once just filled the pages of my sketchbook ON real people all over the country (or world even!)..
i'm so thankful!

if you've purchased something from my shop, nothing would make me happier than to see it on you! you can send a picture to


  1. so pretty! love seeing all your dresses. and everyone looks so great in them! congrats lady!!

  2. Oh I love that Lydia dress on miss amanda. thanks for posting.

  3. I'm sending you a pic right now! I loveeeee my dress :)

  4. So much fun to see these on everyone! I love how they are all styled a bit differently. I bet you are just ecstatic! If I had more dispensable income at this point, I would definitely own the red sailboat dress by now.

  5. I'm really happy for you, the dresses are just perfect :)

  6. That is so fun! I design for a sportswear company and it's always fun to see my stuff on people I pass by. I bet it's even more exciting when it's something you make with your own hands.

  7. such an honor! thanks for the feature, abi. how funny, i wore the dress today and didn't see this post till now. XO

  8. Wow, such beautiful ladies and dresses. You must be so very proud and happy!

  9. abi, this is amazing!! you make the most beautiful things. I love the pregnant belly photo, so cute! I feel beyond special to be mentioned on your blog and beyond happy to know you. (and i'm working on the blogging) ;)

  10. oh my, these dresses are all so amazing! You have got so much talent for this! where is that shop... I'll buy everything! x

  11. How awesome to be able to see your work out definitely were made for this! I can't wait to get one of your dresses in a few short months (but until then I have my eye on your photography skills) :) We can chat about it on Friday at dinner...can't wait friend!

  12. I love passing along your shop info to everyone who asks about the Lydia dress...the fact that it's handmade makes it even more special! It's honestly one of my favorite dresses I own. You're awesome. ;)

  13. Abi, this is so, so cool! You should be so proud, well done :)
    toni xo

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