Friday, October 7, 2011

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shop update
Just wanted to let you know today is the last day to order something from the shop and have it shipped before I leave for a month.

I'll continue to take orders while i'm gone but items won't be shipped until late november.

If you're wanting something soon, be sure to buy before midnight tonight!


  1. abi!! it has been killing me waiting this long to buy one (or more) of your amazing dresses/blouses & seeing this post was just the nudge i needed to go for it already :) my only problem now is that i have to pick one and i can't choose!!! i think i'm leaning toward the lucy pevensie, but plaid or navy??? gah!

  2. Abi, your creations are absolutely stunning and your blog is lovely. I will definitely be purchasing something upon your return. I just have to decide what. It is lovely to see someone creating such beautiful garments at a reasonable price.
    Toni xo

  3. I wish I would have seen this post yesterday!! :(
    But I can not wait to get my dress upon your return!! I adore all your lovely creations!!
    Have a splendid time on your trip!!

  4. I love this top, such a cute peter pan collar! Your clothes are beautiful. Love your blog lots!

  5. Love this outfit!

    Can't wait to read about all of your Europe adventures! Hoping I can go on a European tour someday with my husband and the band he tour manages!

    Have an amazing time!

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  7. Hi! I ordered a dress from you about a week and a half ago -- from I have not heard from you yet (because I assume you're working on it -- the red sailor dress) but I'm getting impatient as always and can't wait to hear how it's going and hope it'll ship before you go on vacation! :) Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Hey!
    It was nice to see you at the bloggers breakfast. I'm sorry we didnt officially meet.
    I'm Olga! I go by Pearl on my blog.. Your blog layout is super cute! Did you create it yourself or have some graphic designer make it. I love the stripe dress, with the open back.. so so cute! I cant believe you make these clothes! Great Job! I hope we bump into eachother again sometime. Keep in touch!


  9. Hey hun! It was nice to meet you at the bloggers brunch on Sunday! Love your style!! You are soo talented!! I am loving the clothes you make!!

    Keep in touch!

    xoxo Denise

  10. This outfit is so cute!
    Love the page, layout is so great and the photo's are great to. I'm so following!


  11. Love the knee socks.
    You have an amazing vintage style; following!

  12. What a amazing outfit, love your socks :)
    I'm following you.

    Kisses from Portugal,

  13. Love yr work. We hv similar interest. Mine is lil' girl dresses.



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