Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ads available

Hi friends!
Just wanted to stop in real quick and let you know I have some sponsor ads available for the month of October. October will be a busy month of posting for me, with the recent shop update and the last half being spent traveling around europe (!!!).
$15 will get you an ad for the entire month of October. For more info and specifics, please visit my sponsor page. And if you have any questions, feel free to email me. ( )

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  1. Hello you talented little thing! Your shop is amazing!! I seriously want it all! So, you said you were going to Frankfurt soon, yay! The main thing I think you should do while you're there is try some Apfelwein/Apple wine (especially hot! Or Apfelglühwein which has spices in it, so good!) Apfelwein is the regional drink. And the Christmas markets start in the last week of November, will you be there then? They're amazing! Other than that just check out the city and if you have time you could go out and check out the wine regions and castles around there. Depends how many days you're there but I could go on!... email me if you want to lovely! xox


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