Tuesday, November 16, 2010

who can know it..

Today josh's band releases their fifth album! Its called Who can know it? and it is available to download absolutely free on their website. (No signing up required!)

I know i am sort of biased, but its a pretty incredible album. (My favorite songs are number 5, 8 and 10.)

You should definitely check it out.

What does it sound like?? Well I'm bad at comparing music but early reviewers have said it sounds like weezer, REM, the eagles, flaming lips and MGMT.


  1. awesome! i'm going to listen to this this morning…
    & you aren't biased. i love how it sounds, too :)

  2. I'm pretty sure Josh crawled into my mind and wrote "I Never Liked Anyone And I'm Afraid Of People"...the whole album is amazing, :) Such a sweet gift, thank you!

  3. Will do! And I have to tell you, in the least creepiest way possible, but I remember seeing you at one of their shows over 2 years ago back in Oklahoma. I just thought you were another concert goer though. But I remember your tattoo on the back of your neck. Also, Showbread was one of the first shows my husband and I went to together as a couple. But that was ages ago! :)

  4. hey! funny thing to share with you love your blog first of all. I was telling my hubs about it and he said o what is the bands name and I told him and he was all NO WAY I just downloaded those songs and they are GREAT! So way to go Showbread! The hubs says his fav song is Taxi, the lyrics are so refreshing. Keep up the great blogging and music and thanks for sharing!


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