Wednesday, August 18, 2010

that one time i ALMOST met..

I have an old story to tell...
Rewind to march (wow that was 5 months ago). She & him was playing in savannah. five of us headed downtown early in the afternoon to kill time. On the way there we kept saying we were going to find zooey and talk to her, hug her..ect.
That turned into us (jokingly) pointing at random people/objects and saying 'there she is!'.
A few minutes later, we were walking down the street and stopped outside of a store, debated whether or not we wanted to go in, when someone (again, jokingly) said 'this looks like the kind of store she'd go into'. so we laughed and started heading up the stairs.

about halfway up the stairs i heard a familiar voice, and looked up and there was miss zooey and her band coming down the stairs. I turned around as she passed us and vanessa says 'i have no shame, i'm going after her'. So the two of us, ran back down the stairs (leaving the other friends in the dust), tried to quickly compose ourselves and make a plan for how we were going to approach her all while walking about 5 feet behind her.

Apparently we aren't so good at making plans. we followed her for probably ten blocks (if not more) and we we're even stopped at a crosswalk with her and still nothing. It seemed really awkward to approach her from behind. We started walking faster so we could pass them, just in case they noticed us and thought we were creepy.
A few minutes later they walked into a store, we debated.. then decided to go back and head in to the store and make our move.. tell her we are big fans and ask for a picture, then be on our way.

Then we got in there.. she was in a corner looking at clothing racks, then a few girls pulled out their cell phones and started sticking cameras in her face. LIKE RIGHT IN HER FACE. not 'hey can we get a picture with you' but straight up let me get a paparazzi picture of you. then she ran (quite literally) out of the store and took off down the street.

and just like that, we missed our chance.

and believe me, we didn't stop talking about it for HOURS.

but the concert was amazing.. her voice is angelic.

And yes, she is every bit as stunning in person as she is in photos.


  1. I looove her. She's so beautiful

  2. What a great Zooey story! She probably appreciated that you respected her privacy, unlike those girls with cameras. I saw She and Him in DC and thought that her voice was even more powerful live than it is on the CD's.

  3. Okay, that story is great. Zooey is such a gorgeous gal! I've done stuff like this before, and it's comforting to know I'm not alone :-)

  4. Haha, you tell the story so much better than I! I feel sorry for everyone and anyone who had to be around us for the rest of the day, they probably had to hear that story fifty times. WE WERE SO CLOSE!

  5. Oh my goodness! I would just be thrilled to wait at a crosswalk with miss Zooey. I'm so jealous! She's doing a concert in my town in October and I think your post has just convinced me that I need to go.

  6. I'm buying our tickets tonight for the show in Kansas City! I'm so excited to see her and I hope something like this happens to us while we are there!

  7. Your story may be late but it's appropriately timed for me. I'm going to their concert in one week! Can't wait.

    I actually have a similar story for the "him" half of She & Him. I saw M. Ward play a solo show a few years back (fantastic by the way). The next morning I met a friend for breakfast, and who should walk in but the man himself. He sat at the table next to ours. But despite being a few mere feet from him for at least an hour I never mustered up the courage to tell him how big a fan I was or how great the show was the night before. Sigh. Maybe this time...

  8. gaaaah, I LOVE ZOOEY. She is the epitome of perfection. What a great story though! She was probably happy that you respected her privacy and not shove a camera up to her face. What disrespect they have jeez!

  9. Oh goodness, she's my favorite! I'd totally have no clue what to do!

  10. oh my gosh! what a great story. i LOVE ZD and She & Him so so so much. probably would have done the same as you, it seems i'm always missing the mark with swoon worthy stars and freeze up when close to one. those other girls though - how blatant and rude. poor Zooey, having to make a run for it like that.

    they ended their tour recently in Vancouver (my hometown) and we saw them, it was such a brilliant show. i posted about it here.


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