Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I love getting packages in the mail! Who doesn't?? It's the one plus to having friends and family who live across the country. Something I like even more than getting packages? Sending them! I love putting them together, picking out different things I hope they like, adding something i made (food and/or craft stuff) adding a note, ect.

My friend, Heather, and I started sending books back and forth to each other around Christmas and it seems like they get bigger every time! She's an amazing package pal (and has quite the selection of amazing books!) This is what I got in the mail a couple weeks ago.

I had been craving sour jelly bellies (my absolute FAVORITE!) for a long time and I wanted to inhale both bags immediately.

Prettiest nail polish!
Thank you Heather! I owe you a good one!


I also got this package in the mail from my sister, Jasmine, a few weeks ago too. New running shoes, pretty yarn and a new knitting needle. We recently started Skype knitting dates, she's teaching me how to do a pretty hat. And we're doing a pair of socks together next. I'm very excited! She's a yarn junky so she always hooks me up with the best yarn! I owe you a package big time, too.
Isn't this sea foam color amazing?? I almost don't want to use it.


  1. Aww! I love package exchanges too! We should trade sometime! I have a bunch of stuff that I've been wanting to send to someone but I just haven't gotten around to finding anyone! :D Let me know!!

  2. I do really really enjoy that sea foam color.

    GORGEOUS. and i love packages. i mean, really, who doesn't? they make us feel so loved and they're SO FUN.


  3. wow, soo cool!
    I have to say I adore that apron???


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