Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth day cake pops

I had some left over white candy coating and a brilliant idea to make earth cake pops. My brilliant idea didn't translate so well. I didn't want to have to buy both blue and green candy wafers from the craft store, so I looked up if the white candy coating can be dyed with food coloring and all the websites said yes, use gel color.

I guess what I used wasn't "gel" enough, and it turned the once liquid candy coating into this dough.
I decided to go ahead and try to make it work and cover the cake pops in the "dough" like you might fondant. It worked out okay, but the final result wasn't as pretty as I was imagining from the beginning. (It never does right??)

They were pretty hard to work with, and they don't look exactly like planet earth but the resemblance is close enough. You'll have to forgive me, once again, Bakerella.

Lesson learned: Next earth day, just buy the blue and green candy coating. They would be both easier and prettier.

Happy earth day!

(Edited: For some reason i kept getting spam comments on this post so i disabled commenting. Sorry!)