Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A homemade life

I've been slacking in the blog updating department. I have plenty of posts lined up, pictures taken and ready to go but for some reason I don't think to do it until the end of the night when all I want to do is lay in bed and read. I checked a large chunk off my to-do list today so hopefully i'll be back to the normal routine tomorrow.

But for now I wanted to leave you with this book recommendation. I'm positive many of you read her blog, Orangette, and may have already read her book A homemade life. I checked it out at the library a week ago and I couldn't put it down! It it written somewhat blog style with a chapter containing stories about her life mostly pertaining to food (but also about relationships, living in paris, her father dying, and more) and at the end of each chapter is a recipe. It is a roller coaster ride of emotions and it made me long to go back to Paris. I also craved crusty, chewy french bread throughout the ENTIRE book, so beware.

The one downside is no pictures. But the recipes sound amazing and her writing is descriptive enough that you almost forget there aren't beautiful pictures to look at.

I highly recommend it, especially to foodies, avid blog readers and people who love Paris.


  1. I will definitely be reading this ASAP! I fall into all 3 recommendation categories! HA! Thanks!

  2. i agree, i think the book is excellent. Molly is such a great writer, that you feel like you've already tasted the food, THAT is talent :)


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