Monday, November 30, 2009

our christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching, and for that we are excited. We put up most of our stuff the week before thanksgiving. Christmas decorations are so beautiful and cozy and we wanted to enjoy them for longer this year.

We like holiday traditions a whole lot. Some passed down from our families, some we started our first christmas together. We make monkey bread every christmas eve. Bark the tune of jingle bells until his parents dogs join in. Go see a movie on christmas day. And one of my favorites, he writes and records a special christmas song and plays it for me first thing christmas morning.

This year we're adding an advent calender to the list. Its a cute and fun way to write little notes and give small gifts the days leading up to christmas. Plus it was a fun DIY project.

Some of my favorites from around our house..

Our cat, tofu, is having the time of his life with the christmas tree. He climbs to the top every night while were sleeping, so we wake up to half the ornaments on the ground. It's tiresome redecorating the tree EVERY SINGLE morning..

Here he is when we first put it up

phew! that was long. i hope you all are having as much fun this season as i am.



  1. I LOVE IT! Tofu is so cute! You'll have to email me some pictures soon we miss our foster son! lol I love the advent calender and the lights you made! Those are too cute! You'll have to tell me your secrets! :)

  2. I love those lights. They are super cute. My work has a pattern for a knitted strand of lights. They would be pretty cute too. Love you! Miss you! I'm sad you guys won't be here this year.

  3. Our Kitten loves to climb up our Christmas tree too! She climbs about halfway up then lays down on one of the branches and plays with the ornaments. We've lost half of them already :-P

    Lovely pictures! I'll check your blog out more often!


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