Saturday, January 8, 2011

new chapter

Warning: this is somewhat lengthy rambling post.

So.. josh and i are moving to washington! After discussing our future plans and life and hopes and dreams about five months ago, we decided moving would be best for us at this point in our lives. I'll briefly tell you why!

Josh is in a band, its his career but even more so its his calling in life. His passion. And part of this, a huge part in fact, is being on the road.. most often times, for months at a time. Previously, I had always gone on tour with him. And while touring is extremely fun (imagine a 2 month long road trip with your best friends, going city to city and being mostly care-free), it is also not for everyone (now imagine what i said above, and add no sleep, eating exclusively packaged food, being in a vehicle ALL day, and no hobbies, ect ).. even with all those cons, touring is still a pretty good time. however, its not MY calling or career or passion so it can suck the life out of you… Which is why most, if not every wife with a touring husband stays home. Looking back I am SO grateful for the opportunities to go with him, so many countless memories and experiences, not to mention, i met some pretty amazing people out there. But i'm ready to move on, and work toward my own career and passions and dreams, and luckily i have a husband who not only understands but pushes me to do so. Which is where washington comes in… I have my cosmetology license in washington state and i have yet to work in a salon because a few days after graduating we moved to georgia.. and then tours, and then later realized that i couldn't just transfer my license, i would have to go back to school here. So that is one of the main reasons we're moving.. living there we'll both be able to do what we love to do… (since he's able to live anywhere and still do what he does)

The other big deciding factor in moving is the church we LOVE is there. It's really important to us to be involved in and part of a church, which we haven't had since we lived here. and we've been avid podcasters of solid rock for years and it was a dream of ours to be able to actually go there and be involved. i am so excited about this.

Another thing, it is extremely (incredibly, awfully) hard to be away from your spouse for months at a time.. like something i will NEVER get used to. But it is so so so helpful to have a support system in the form of friends and family, and i honestly don't have that in georgia (the only friends i have here are the guys in the band and band wife, vanessa). i think i would've turned into a compressed mess of tears had i ever tried to stay home. in fact, last summer i had plans to stay home from the 2 month tour but days before they were supposed to leave i had a full on panic attack and breakdown and we quickly realized that staying home while we lived here wasn't really an option.. and i ended up going!
but i grew up in washington and my entire family and tons of friends are there, so my support system is already in place.. (and boy do they have their work cut out for them)

This is going to be an incredibly exciting and sad and happy and crazy year. But i'm definitely ready for it!! I am a workaholic at heart and as much as i've enjoyed the past three years not working, i am SOOOO ready to be a busy working woman again.

Of course, I will miss things about georgia.. the guys in the band are like my brothers (and they better call me at least once a week!), and i'll miss josh's family whom i love dearly (the in-law stereotype must've skipped us, i seriously adore his parents). There will be things i don't miss though, like the humidity… good riddance to you.

So here's to this new chapter in our lives!

p.s. I would like it to be known that i didn't force josh into this decision, or give him an ultimatum or ask him to quit the band, or any of those horrible things wives do… in fact, it was his idea and decided on after much prayer on the topic.


  1. Good luck with the move and jobs and everything else! Maybe I'll see you at Solid rock soon!

  2. Congrats to your decision! I think I have never commented on here before(I should do that more often, though!). Sometimes, we just have to make drastic changes. I did the opposite thing about a year ago, I had major plans for going away to Asia and the US but lots of prayer showed me that I was supposed to stay in the Netherlands. I did - and it was the best decision I ever made :)
    I am sure you guys will be happy in Washington, I wish you all the best there!

  3. I'm liking this decision, my moto has always been "a happy wife is a happy life" I know you guys will grow spiritually here, I do think you'll need to visit your dads church from time to time too. Your mom and me can't wait to have you guys around for more than a week here and there and plus you have a new nephew to love on. See you soon.

  4. Yay for you Abi! I can't imagine how you did that for 3 years! I know how being without a support system is so hard and am so happy you'll be back on the west coast again. Were moving back from LA and I can't wait to be back by friends and fam and a good church. So happy for you (and Josh)!

  5. Hmm wait, I just decided don't go. That sounds better, right? But drew smells and garrett talks slow... you cant just leave me with that.

    Or your plan sounds pretty good too. Send me Portland things (whatever that means) and make mosey ichat with me. The goats will do the same.

  6. I loved this post because it gave me even more insight into the wonderful amazing person you are. I love that your faith means so much to you and I find that so inspiring. I hope your reading the Bible in 365 days is going well. I'm working my way through too. It's only been 8 days but I'm loving it! Keep it up!

    It's awesome that Josh is so supportive and your Dad and Vanessa (from their comments).

    Where can I find the podcast from solid rock? I'd like to check it out.

  7. something, but it was taking so long i stopped paying attention.

  8. take us too, we hear there are lots more plants and green things to eat. plz.

  9. This is such an exciting step for you two! It's great to have a spouse that pushes you to follow your dreams. We've moved (twice!) to Texas for Josh's work, even though it was not what I wanted to do, I couldn't imagine not supporting him and being with him.
    I wish you guys the very best with your move! I've never been to Solid Rock, but Josh White (previously from S.R.) has a new church, Door of Hope, that we go to sometimes and it's awesome!
    Let's do some hanging out when you get here.


  10. Hey Abi, I'm so excited for your new plans and the changes coming up.
    Okay...also a little jealous. Sounds so neat!
    Good for you, for doing what you love.

  11. I'm so excited and happy for you guys! It sounds like you are making a great decision! I bet you can't wait to get back close to your family too! This is going to be an amazing new chapter for you too! Hope we can see you guys soon!

  12. As someone who is with a military man, I understand all too well the difficulties of being away from the man you love for extended periods of time. It is so hard but as long as you love him wholly (which you certainly seem to) you can find ways to manage. It helps so much to have a good network of loved ones who can support you through the trials of his being away. Good luck with your move and hopefully all goes well!

  13. I have been dating a musician for 2 years, and although he's been on only international tours, where I haven't had the chance to tag along- I understand how challenging it can be sometimes. I often wonder what it would be like once we settle down and decide to make the next move. I think it's wonderful that you're going somewhere new, where you will be able to welcome opportunities, while doing something you love. Best wishes!

  14. Yay! I am happy for you, Abi. My five months in Georgia were super-poopy and I am amazed by anyone who stays there for any extensive period of time. :) Hooray for having community on a larger scale again! And not being stuck at home! And nice weather! All good things. Congratulations.

  15. yay for moving to my town! :)

  16. I'm so excited you'll be moving so close. Please lets get coffee when you're all settled in, it'd be great to meet you.
    xo chelsea

  17. I am so happy for you guys and I am honestly praying each and every day that God will pour out his blessing on both of you! Safe journeys! :)

  18. You two are darling! I'm excited to hear about your new adventure and season of you lives! I love your blog and have been hooked sense i caught onto those blueberry muffins of yours that my boyfriend demands me to make all too often ha. But for a semester I went to George Fox University in Oregon, and while i was there i started attending Solid Rock in Portland. It was purely AMAZING! I love Solid Rock and would definitely factor a great church like that into my moving decision. When i moved back home, leaving the church was one of the downsides since our churches (in such a small town of California) are nowhere as incredible as Solid Rock. ha, but I hope all is well! : )


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