Friday, January 14, 2011

music video + weekend links

i've been meaning to post this music video from josh's band..

And just for fun!! some links from around the web that i love:

I've been wanting a juicer. This is making it worse

I'd love to try this custom color chalkboard paint in our new place.

A fun wreath for the tea-obsessed like myself

i cant get enough of this band lately. their new EP's are amazing.

i love this video tutorial for a ruffle cake

i've been enjoying sheena's fun posts about her road to healthy eating.

finally, have i mentioned i have a tumblr? its like my online hard drive of pictures i find inspiring (and some silly nonsense from time to time)


  1. i love sleeping at last and sheena's blog! great links... thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks abi! haha I am a dork.

    your blog is looking super awesome these days:)

  3. ahh that chalkboard paint is so cool...exactly what I need! thank-you!!

  4. i love the chalkboard paint idea! i like the last photos of the baking ingredients laid out on it! i want to try it!

  5. i added the glass castle to my list, thanks! and it was nice to see you the other night, i'm happy for you about your move! maybe we will both be on the west coast soon.

  6. Cool video. It's kind of funny to see all the guys playing something other than their usual instrument (except Drew.)

  7. i just found your blog.
    where have you been all my blog-reading-life ?!
    i adore you + your blog :D <3 xx


  8. For some reason, I wish I was wearing a white v-neck right now...


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