Sunday, May 24, 2015

Being cliche and wanting to be healthier

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I know you're supposed to talk about getting healthy, and working out and eating less sugar and all that jazz around new years but I don't follow those rules so here's my blog post about it in May.

I've been wanting to jump back in to eating A LOT better and working harder on being healthier in general so I'm declaring June as my kick-off. We don't eat terrible or sit on our tush all day but there could definitely be some room for improvement.

Some goals of mine (and I'm hoping to rope Josh into it too), and obviously they are super cliché, don't judge.

Eat less sugar
I am a sweets girl to my core so this is obviously a hard one. I seriously ate ice cream almost daily the first year of Beck's life (thank you breastfeeding). I usually do pretty well on the no sweets at all except one day a week thing. It's the perfect balance for me so I'm going back to it!

Incorporate more vegetables 
I told you this was cliche... but seriously, I need to find ways to incorporate more vegetables. I love almost all vegetables but my laziness gets the best of me when it comes to preparing them for lunches and dinners. Meal planning and prepping, green smoothies, juicing and lots of baby carrots for snacks are in my future.

Buy athletic shoes and actually work out more
My excuse for not working out as much is that I don't have any athletic shoes and it's actually a pretty legitimate excuse so I'm planning on getting these tomorrow! I usually walk at least 2 miles a day (thank you stroller with a odometer) but my goal is to up that and take Beck on longer walks since it's nicer outside. I'll be setting daily steps/mileage goals and working to reach them everyday. I also have a month long abs/arms/legs workout I'll be doing to tone up my non-existent muscles. It only takes 10 minutes a day and it's killer.

Take better care of my emotional health
It's so easy to forget this one (especially as a mom) but I want to make it a priority. The plan is to not overcommit and put too much onto my plate (ie. say no to more things), take more baths (they are life-giving for me),  unplug from social media more often, and take real days off from working every week. Stress be gone!

I think thats all my goals for now. Any tips??? It's not going to be a huge change from what I'm doing now but I'm hoping the little improvements here and there will make a world of difference.


  1. Mental health is definitely just as important as physical... Taking that time to breathe and practice mindfulness is key to a healthier lifestyle.

  2. I'm headed to New Zealand in 2 months to go hiking and exploring and while I'm completely excited I'm also the most unfit person alive. I'm hoping 8 weeks is enough to get my body in shape but we shall see. I'm heading to the gym today - wish me luck!

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  4. Big advice: do one small change at a time. One!!! No sugar plus veggies plus exercise, that's a recipe for none of it getting done. Read zen on habit change, super great helpful :)

  5. My advice is to have a prep day. I try to take one day to wash and prep all of our veggies, and cook any beans that we will be having throughout the week. It makes meal time so much easier especially if one of my littles needs a little extra attention.

  6. some great goals...
    I have such SUUUCH a hard time with eating less sugar... Especially lately... I haven't been able to not have something sweet after lunch and dinner...

    good luck! hope you get some nice shoes!

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  7. Yes to meal prepping! It takes the "I don't feel like cooking right now" aspect out of eating healthy meals that include vegetables! You already have it done, and its just as easy to chose a healthy meal/snack as an unhealthy one, so you're much more likely to choose the latter :) Good Luck!


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