Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brown sugar + olive oil scrub

Every year at about this time I start to notice my skin being a little on the dry side and I start moisturizing (especially my hands) about 5 million times a day. Lately they have been needing a bit more, so I pulled some ingredients out of the pantry and made this wonderful scrub.

It did wonders for my winter dry hands, and of course left them feeling incredibly soft. So I wanted to share.

You can change up the amounts of each ingredient, its not rocket science.

I started with 3 tablespoons of brown sugar

Added 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Then I added 1 tablespoon of honey

Mix it all together. Scoop a small amount into your hands and rub into skin using circular motions, for as long as desired. I rubbed for about a minute on each hand. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. I followed with a little coconut oil, which is what I predominantly use as moisturizer.

I've been using it in the mornings and my hands stay good throughout the day.


  1. i've been in some desperate need of something like this! i've been using lotion but it's not really helping. i'm going to try this tonight. :)

  2. hey, also, i was just thinking that some drink recipes would be really good on here. we've been trying to stop drinking soda and we are trying to find good juice mixes or lemonades with not so much sugar or something!

  3. I love making scrubs like these! great one!


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  4. This scrub looks good enough to eat! I really like this idea.

  5. I've been looking for a good scrub- I'm excited to try this out! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Does the regular olive oil have a milder smell than extra virgin olive oil? Also, where can I find coconut oil?

  7. I've found coconut oil in my local grocery store. It should be near the other oils. It looks solid (because it is, until you touch it) white.

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  9. What kind of skin care routine do you have for your face? :)

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